Police Visit Prompts Post Removal

  • “Attorney General Martha Coakley’s office confirmed last night that detectives from her office went to the Milton home of David Portnoy, founder of barstoolsports.com, to discuss the posts of Brady’s 20-month-old son, which included a magnified picture of the boy naked on a beach in Costa Rica with his mother, Gisele Bundchen, as well as the offensive comments.” from Boston Herald
  • “Outcries were so severe that two exasperated Massachusetts state police officers even paid a visit to his house to ask if he would pull the offending post down.” from Deadspin
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One Response to Police Visit Prompts Post Removal

  1. Jack says:

    It will be interesting to see if there is any more legal action taken, especially given Portnoy’s lewd commentary and the obscene comments of his loyal stoolies stating that they would like to see Brady’s son engage in sexual acts with other toddlers.

    Portnoy and his followers continue to insist that THEY are the voices of reason and that anyone who doesn’t think its ok for blogs to post naked photos of children for personal profit without their permission without the consent of their parents are the “lunatic fringe” of society.

    If that weren’t so sad it would be funny… But of course, the reaction of the community shows that many parents were aghast to think that any Howard Stern wannabe blogger can post naked photos of their children whenever he wants. Most of David Portnoy’s advertisers seem to understand this too.

    Let’s hope the Patriots and Budweiser decide to put a stop to his efforts to sell T-shirts that uses their likeness on them too.

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