Barstool Sports in the News

  • “At press time, Media Farm still found the offending pictures on Barstool Sports’ server. We can’t help but think a war between Portnoy and one of the world’s richest couples is not over. Not by a long shot.” from Dig Boston
  • “”I was torn, to be totally honest, because I kind of felt like, in a way, I was selling out by taking it down.” from USA Today
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Barstool Sports Newspaper Boxes

Got word today that numerous people have been in contact with Boston and Cambridge city halls regarding Barstool Sports’ newspaper boxes scattered around the area. We think garbage bins would be suitable replacements.

City of Boston
617 635-4500
City of Cambridge
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Howard Stern on Barstool Sports

“I saw the picture and, quite frankly, I do think it’s kiddie porn. I don’t think you should put a picture of a 2-year-old nude.” – Howard Stern, 8/16/2011

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Police Visit Prompts Post Removal

  • “Attorney General Martha Coakley’s office confirmed last night that detectives from her office went to the Milton home of David Portnoy, founder of, to discuss the posts of Brady’s 20-month-old son, which included a magnified picture of the boy naked on a beach in Costa Rica with his mother, Gisele Bundchen, as well as the offensive comments.” from Boston Herald
  • “Outcries were so severe that two exasperated Massachusetts state police officers even paid a visit to his house to ask if he would pull the offending post down.” from Deadspin
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Barstool Partner: Campus Live

boston boycott barstoolBoston-based Campus Live is partnering with Barstool Sports for a rolling college-tour this Fall. We wonder what Campus Live, as well as the local college campuses featured on this tour, think of Barstools’ recent controversial post featuring Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen’s 2-year old son.

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Barstool Sports in the News

  • “The site zoomed in on the baby’s privates, and added sex jokes. Site creator David Portnoy tells New England Cable News, “[I] thought it was a funny joke.” from the Philadelphia Inquirer
  • “”This is a very serious felony in Massachusetts,” said former prosecutor Wendy Murphy. “The whole purpose was to get people to look at (the child’s) genitalia, so absolutely — 20 years maximum and a $50,000 fine on top of that,” Murphy said.” from WCVB
  • “Portnoy, however, said he is unfazed by the criticism and has even gone so far as to design a T-shirt with the boy’s likeness on it.” from WMUR
  • “He’s taking a huge risk that some ambitious prosecutor might at least want to make a name for him- or herself by going after Portnoy and his sleazy website, Bar Stool Sports.” from Media Nation
  • “The site also received a cease-and-desist letter from a Brazilian photo agency demanding the pics be taken down.” from USA Today
  • “The picture accompanied a post in which Portnoy made a joke about the kid’s genitals, in relation to Peyton Manning’s son. Cheap, unoriginal, totally unnecessary.” from NBC Sports
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Controversial Post Removed from Barstool Sports

boycott barstool sports boston

Not sure who or what finally prompted Barstool Sports to take down their post of Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen’s naked 2-year old son, but the post is gone from their site.

Possibly related, a video of the Barstool Sports’ blogger talking about the photo while sitting next to a monitor displaying it, has also been removed from YouTube. This seems to have been done by YouTube and not Barstool Sports.

Way too late, but we’re glad the offending post is finally offline.

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