Howard Stern on Barstool Sports

“I saw the picture and, quite frankly, I do think it’s kiddie porn. I don’t think you should put a picture of a 2-year-old nude.” – Howard Stern, 8/16/2011

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One Response to Howard Stern on Barstool Sports

  1. John says:

    While I personally don’t consider the photos pornography, posting photos of naked children without parental consent, engaging in lewd comments and allowing blog members to make overt references to child rape might collectively be considered illegal. That may be what Stern was referencing.

    Mr. Portnoy and his “Stool Sample” supporters continue to insist they did nothing wrong – which is of course very disturbing as they view themselves as the voice of reason and those who oppose their practice as the ones who are the “lunatic fringe”

    Hopefully the next person that thinks they can get away with posting nude photos of other people’s children in an effort to profit will think twice given Mr. Portnoy’s experience.

    What’s especially hilarious were his “Stool Sample” supporters spending all day Friday mocking those who suggested law enforcement might take notice – right when they were knocking on Mr. Portnoy’s door (wish I could have seen his face then!)

    After Mr. Portnoy spent all day Monday chortling about his upcoming appearance on Howard Stern’s radio show, another classic moment must have been when he realized that Stern too was offended that someone would exploit children like that.

    As any parent knows, the thought that someone could publish photos of one’s children and invite such obscene talk without any consequences is appalling.

    And when even Howard Stern thinks you’ve sunk too low, you’ve really hit rock bottom.

    Thanks to the creators of this blog and all those who spoke out to area advertisers to make sure others learn the lesson that Mr. Portnoy did. Regardless of his instance that he did no wrong, he’s feeling the consequences in his wallet and I hope will never do anything of this nature again.

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