And Another: Quirk Auto, Others Pull Barstool Ads

According to sources, Quirk Auto is the latest Barstool Sports advertiser to jump ship after the popular Boston blog posted a naked photo and lewd commentary of a 2-year old boy last week.

We’ve also heard from numerous people that Milton’s has also pulled their ads. We’ll be interested to see if they continue their ongoing “makeover” series on the blog.

While we haven’t heard anything specific, apparently other Boston-area sponsors have abandoned them as well. Stay tuned.

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UPDATE: The Greatest Bar/Coors

Numerous people have contacted us today with news that The Greatest Bar long ago ceased advertising with Barstool Sports, and that the recent ad featuring their logo was purchased by Coors (or more likely Coors’ local beer distributor). Thank you to The Greatest Bar for the clarification.

UPDATE: Nothing official but looks like Coors also pulled their ads from Barstool Sports.

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Possible Legal Ramifications

Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly takes a look at the possible legal ramifications of Barstool Sports’ recent post:

“A prosecutor could certainly argue that the photo, in conjunction with Portnoy’s comments, are enough to support the charge, but any defense lawyer worth his weight would argue that his client’s intent was not for sexual gratification, but rather to publish information about Brady and his wife, who are both public figures.”

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Barstool Sports Banned from Boston Radio Station

It’s a testament to how far WEEI’s ratings have fallen that they’d even allow Barstool Sports to share their airwaves. WEEI had to know the risks, and now they’re backpedaling at a furious rate:

“No we will not have (Barstool Sports) on again. What he did was completely irresponsible. It’s not about whether he was allowed to do it or not. It’s about common decency. And he showed none.” – Jason Wolfe, vice president of programming at WEEI

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The Brewski Belt

barstool boycott sports boston

John and the guys at this novelty company seem to want attention for their brand regardless of how they get it. When contacted by us and others, they aggressively defended Barstool Sports in language familiar to anyone who’s seen that blog’s comment section. Reportedly, they’ve actually bought more advertising since this controversy started.

We’re not going to bother to link to this company, but if you Google them you could find them and place an order. We look forward to watching their growth as a young company, but for now, we’re all set with the belts – thanks fellas.

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Barstool’s Perspective

“But for anybody to say this gives pedophiles ammo or I’m a pedophile or it had any sexual connotation than I promise you you’re more fucked up in the head than me. Kid has a howitzer for a 2 year old. Get over it.”

This is an excerpt – you can read the full comments here.

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Spartan Race

barstool sports boston boycott brady

According to numerous people who contacted them, Spartan Race said they knew the risks of advertising on Barstool but the deal was done months ago and there was nothing they could do about it.

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