Barstool Sports in the News

  • “At press time, Media Farm still found the offending pictures on Barstool Sports’ server. We can’t help but think a war between Portnoy and one of the world’s richest couples is not over. Not by a long shot.” from Dig Boston
  • “”I was torn, to be totally honest, because I kind of felt like, in a way, I was selling out by taking it down.” from USA Today
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2 Responses to Barstool Sports in the News

  1. Steve says:

    Ha ha look at this moron

  2. swampyankee says:

    If someone would be kind enough to make a Portnoy “Epic Fail” Image of some sort for me I’d appreciate it!

    Use your creativity – we could even have a contest or sell T-shirts to benefit child abuse prevention… because Portnoy’s little gambit on this has to be the biggest Epic Fail of all Epic Fails

    No doubt he started off thinking any press is good press – then started seeing advertisers drop off… then boldly predicted that Law Enforcement had no standing even as they were about to knock on his door – then he and his supporters chortled about going on Howard Stern to have his moment in the sun, only to find that even Howard Stern thought he had sunk too low

    I’ll give Portnoy some credit – when he has a personal Epic Fail, it’s the most Epic of Epic Fails that we’ve seen in a very long time!

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