Barstool Sports in the News

  • “The site zoomed in on the baby’s privates, and added sex jokes. Site creator David Portnoy tells New England Cable News, “[I] thought it was a funny joke.” from the Philadelphia Inquirer
  • “”This is a very serious felony in Massachusetts,” said former prosecutor Wendy Murphy. “The whole purpose was to get people to look at (the child’s) genitalia, so absolutely — 20 years maximum and a $50,000 fine on top of that,” Murphy said.” from WCVB
  • “Portnoy, however, said he is unfazed by the criticism and has even gone so far as to design a T-shirt with the boy’s likeness on it.” from WMUR
  • “He’s taking a huge risk that some ambitious prosecutor might at least want to make a name for him- or herself by going after Portnoy and his sleazy website, Bar Stool Sports.” from Media Nation
  • “The site also received a cease-and-desist letter from a Brazilian photo agency demanding the pics be taken down.” from USA Today
  • “The picture accompanied a post in which Portnoy made a joke about the kid’s genitals, in relation to Peyton Manning’s son. Cheap, unoriginal, totally unnecessary.” from NBC Sports
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2 Responses to Barstool Sports in the News

  1. Steve says:

    The Brain Trust known as Stool Samples still claim to not understand what the big deal is about.

    They are either too stupid to understand or understand but are feigning ignorance.

    The bottom line is thanks to BoycottBarstool and all those who got in touch with Portnoy’s advertisers, it looks like he’s unlikely to profit from this – in fact he’s lost enough advertisers where this is probably hurting him in the wallet.

    That’s appropriate since money was likely his motivation in the first place.

    He also swore he’d not take down the link to the original offensive post.

    Well, thanks to you guys here, you forced him to take it down.

    Well done! Although I know the few here speak for many, you should take pride in stopping child exploitation. The next creep to consider doing something like Portnoy did will look at his example and think twice.

  2. Nick says:

    It looks like Portnoy finally got tired of people making negative comments about him.

    If you login to post comments, the comments appear at most to the logged in members – and maybe not even to all of them

    If you’re not logged in as a member (and who really wants to be a member of something like that) you can’t see many if not most of the negative comments.

    Portnoy is chortling about going on Howard Stern. He probably doesn’t want Stern’s research folks to see some of the more pointed comments that have been made about him.

    He may be in for a surprise as I don’t think even Howard Stern has sunk to trying to profit from posting naked pictures of 2 year olds and might not have a problem telling Portnoy what he thinks about that.

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