UPDATE: The Greatest Bar/Coors

Numerous people have contacted us today with news that The Greatest Bar long ago ceased advertising with Barstool Sports, and that the recent ad featuring their logo was purchased by Coors (or more likely Coors’ local beer distributor). Thank you to The Greatest Bar for the clarification.

UPDATE: Nothing official but looks like Coors also pulled their ads from Barstool Sports.

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One Response to UPDATE: The Greatest Bar/Coors

  1. Jim says:

    From what I’ve heard directly back from the advertisers, and from others who have contacted the advertisers, only a few financial supporters of Portnoy’s fetish for exploiting children for personal profit remain.

    Those that have pulled the plug on their paychecks and ads on Barstool are:

    Quirk Chevrolet
    Daisy Buchanan’s
    New Era Sports
    “The Greatest Bar”

    Additionally I have not seen the Milton’s ad since Thursday so I think they pulled their ads as well.

    Coors is considering pulling their sponsorship. MSN seems to have a pop up there as well.

    The low life trash supporters of Portnoy are now joking about 2 year olds having sex with each other (they describe it much more graphically than that) since Saturday morning, and Portnoy has done nothing to pull those messages or suspend those posters.

    In addition to his posting of nude photos, Portnoy’s continued allowance of continued references to sexual acts among children might eventually trigger a reaction from law enforcement as well as advertisers

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