UPDATE: Daisy Buchanan’s Pulls Barstool Ads

brady gisele baby son dave portnoy

UPDATE 8/12/2011: After learning that their ad was placed directly next to a photo of a naked 2-year old boy, Daisy Buchanan’s in Boston decided their ad budget was better spent elsewhere.

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2 Responses to UPDATE: Daisy Buchanan’s Pulls Barstool Ads

  1. Norm says:

    … and well done Boycott Barstool

    Portnoy’s smirk might be fading just a little. I love how he tries to twist this to make it seem like those who are outraged at his comments and actions are the “real” perverts. That type of Jedi mind trick might work with the mental midgets on his blog but it’s not going to fool too many others.

    Thank you Daisy’s! I’ll look forward to stopping in to spend a few hundred dollars and then tell the management that the only reason I’m there is because they chose to send a message that what Portnoy did was wrong.

    As far as the others, they can send a similar message – or continue to finance Portnoy’s fetish and seek to profit by it.

    I’m not sure who is worse – people like Portnoy or those who seek to profit from his actions.

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