Barstool Sports Banned from Boston Radio Station

It’s a testament to how far WEEI’s ratings have fallen that they’d even allow Barstool Sports to share their airwaves. WEEI had to know the risks, and now they’re backpedaling at a furious rate:

“No we will not have (Barstool Sports) on again. What he did was completely irresponsible. It’s not about whether he was allowed to do it or not. It’s about common decency. And he showed none.” – Jason Wolfe, vice president of programming at WEEI

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One Response to Barstool Sports Banned from Boston Radio Station

  1. Jack says:

    Form letter I have been using to send to all of BSS advertisers – just change the verbage related tot he particular service or product for that advertiser – anyone can use it – feel free to distribute.


    Hi – One of the websites you partner with has recently posted naked pictures of a 2 yr old child of Boston athlete Tom Brady. The pictures were taken without the child’s parents permission on their beach at their private property beachside home in Costa Rica. Lawyers from the baby’s mother’s advertising agency have already passed to the website owner a cease and desist order to take the pictures down which the website owner refused to comply with., a local radio show who hosts the owner of the website weekly and promotes his website has already ended their relationship with this website. Quirk Chevrolet and Daisy Buchanan’s Bar and Restaurant have also ended their advertising with this website. WBZ in Boston ran a story in which 80% of viewers responded to a poll agreeing that the post was heinously amoral and action needed to be taken. I am writing to encourage you to please immediately end all advertising and partnership with this website – failure to do so will demonstrate to myself and others that your company possesses the same lack of good judgement and morality as this website you advertise thru and partner with. I am just one consumer but I will not ever utilize your services should you continue your relationship with this morally corrupt website. I do not believe the addage “any publicity is good publicity” applies in this case especially since the website himself has posted a graphic showing that since this incident occurred his page clicks have gone down and not up. I truly hope your company sees this is not the manner of promotion/publicity you want to be associated with.

    Thank you.

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